Laufen’s SaphirKeramik Enables Fresh Interpretation of Classic Washbasin Forms

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A unique composition of clay utilizing the mineral corundum allows thin edges, tight radii, and unusual form.

Laufen INO Series Wall-Hung Lavatory

Phylrich Faucets Are Totally American-Made

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Truly Designed, Engineered, Forged, Cast, Machined, Finished and Assembled in The United States!phylrich basic wall

In an era when outsourcing has become the norm, Phylrich has opted to bring all of their manufacturing back home.  Naturally this transition required time and effort, but the results are beginning to show in quick delivery, attention to detail, and outstanding American-made quality.


MGS Taps: A Study In Quality

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Every Faucet Produced Is Stainless Steel


MGS produces stainless steel faucets and hardware with an uncommon attention to exactness and detail.  The kitchen faucet pictured here, the Nemo, is also stainless steel with an applied PVD black steel coating.  The PVD process embeds the color deep into the stainless steel.  The result is an extremely durable, long lasting finish that is non-tarnishing.

Freestanding + 5-Foot = Perfection

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blu halo 5 ft

We Have Been Waiting For This Design. . .

Blu Bathworks has announced the February, 2016, arrival of the new five-foot Halo Freestanding BluStone Soaking Bath in matte white.  BluStone is a solid-surface material, warm to the touch, durable, repairable, non-porous, and stain resistant.  The inside seating area is a sumptuous forty-five-plus inches, allowing most bathers the opportunity to unbend their knees.  The overflow is a narrow 1/4″ slit located up high on the drain end, allowing a generous 15 1/4″ bathing depth.  The bath, itself, stands 19 3/4″ tall overall, making it easier to step into and out of the bath.

If your space allows for a larger model, a 67″ Halo model is also available.  Both sizes are not lightweights:  The smaller bath weighs in the mid 200 lb range, while the larger weighs in the 300 lb area.  The baths ship complete with a polished chrome drain

Gessi Fascino – Defining Transitional Design

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Gessi Fascino Single Mount Lavatory Faucet, Copper P.V.D Finish

Gessi Goccia – Elegant Whimsey

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Gessi’s Gocccia offering introduces a touch of fun into the utilitarian world of faucets.  Offered in chrome, white, or black, Goccia, (Italian for “droplet”) is available in a vast array of sizes, reaches, and functions.  Image

Shower Valve Brilliance By Fantini

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Fantini Mint

The Fantini Mint shower valve: Simple and amazingly functional. The handle on the left controls the temperature. The handle on the right controls from one to three different outlets. For example, it may be used to turn on and off a single shower head.  In fact, the valve can be ordered to operate one, two, or three different outlets. Suppose you want a standard wall-mounted shower head, a hand-held shower on a slide bar, and an over-head shower. All may be individually controlled from the single handle on the left! It’s just another piece of brilliant engineering from Fantini, presenting water at its best.  Fantini is displayed in the Studio IL Bagno showroom in Salt Lake City.

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